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Used is a marketplace which was created to serve both large commercial realities and small companies and individuals.

It offers a full range of solutions useful to any business for customer flow and inventory management.

The company takes care of reconditioning of products with the synergy and support of the established company T&D Srl.

It invests relentlessly in the innovation of products and to improve the quality of services offered, in order to solve all the problems of the customer following him both in the process of purchase and in the use of products.


The company provides customers with a warranty on purchases and after-sales support.


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70% of hazardous waste comes from the electronics industry: the importance of the circular economy



The UN estimates that it is between 20 and 50 million tons the amount of technological waste produced each year in the world and in particular WEEE, i.e. waste from electrical and electronic equipment, is one of the fastest growing types of hazardous waste globally (grow with a rate 3-5% per year, three times higher than normal waste).

The latest report Greenpeace tells us that yes they lose track of 75% of the technological waste produced in the European Union and more than 80% of those produced in the United States.

An alarming situation on which it is necessary to intervene by limiting the production of waste.

Changing the world. And do it while saving money, with the only true alternative to the new: buy remanufactured items to reduce environmental impact and pollution.

These are basically giving objects a second life instead of throwing them away, thus incentivizing thecircular economythat is that noble economic system planned for the reuse of materials in subsequent production cycles, reducing waste to a minimum. Reuse products instead of disposing of them is one of the most effective processes for reducing waste and increasing sustainability on the planet.

Choosing a refurbished product in no way means giving up the advantages offered by new.

Used and reconditioned are not two synonyms: between the two terms there is a fundamental difference.

Used products are items that have been used for a longer or shorter period of time and are sold again as they are.

The remanufactured products are closer to the concept of new rather than used, since they are objects that have been refurbished after careful review and possible repair of damaged or worn parts.

After these meticulous regeneration processes, the products are able to become almost as good as new, thus producing important results in terms of eco-sustainability and saving for the end customer.

Used has its mission just in the performance of an activity that reduce environmental impactAt the same time, it allows the end customer to save money, meet their needs immediately and benefit from full support for any product-related needs.

The activity

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